About us

Welcome to New Beginnings!

Amazing things happen at New Beginnings! Not every day and not even with every client, but sometimes we are blessed with a day that is nothing short of amazing.

All of our services are FREE to the community, and we provide referrals to DES (Department of Economic Security), WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), and other community agencies. We provide a FREE pregnancy test, as well as faith-based materials that teach about pregnancy health, prenatal development, and parenting.

Our FREE programs also include materials for men, to help them understand their vital role as fathers. For teens and young single adults, we offer our Sexual Integrity program, which covers topics including healthy sexual relationships in marriage, abstinence, risky behaviors, sexual abuse, and the alarming rise in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s). Many of our clients participate in Life Skills lessons covering everything from basic budgeting to job skills, and including how to do a resume and prepare for an interview. Many of our clients also participate in our various Bible Studies.  See our detailed list of Educational Programs.

Parenting Points are earned for each completed lesson. These Points can be spent in our onsite shops where you will find diapers, clothing, toys, furniture, and even strollers, all of which have been donated by our caring community! We even have maternity clothes. Only Parenting Points can be used at New Beginnings. There are some clients who work the program to receive the free benefits that New Beginnings offers, but they still learn! Also, most clients don’t just work the program – they experience and apply the program.

A pregnant 15-year old who comes to us in crisis and decides to parent her child is a perfect example of someone who needs our pregnancy center. This young lady will learn all about taking care of herself and her unborn baby during pregnancy: what to eat and how to exercise; the importance of resting and doctor visits. She will learn about every stage of her unborn child’s development, and the birth process. She will learn how to parent and what a privilege it is. We teach her newborn care and how to watch for illnesses. Our new mom will learn about the importance of nurturing and brain development, and about discipline techniques and potty training. The topics covered are so extensive that they cannot be listed here. The curriculum grows with her child.

If we are really lucky, the father of this child comes to the appointments as well! It’s a blessing when both parents are actively engaged in the pregnancy and parenting of their child. Sometimes the parents are married, but most of the time, they are not. We counsel with these couples on the importance of being married and raising their child together.

We have clients who tell us they would never have known their baby was dehydrated if it wasn’t for our lesson on illnesses. Others have been able to get their fussy babies to sleep based on the education they received here. Many young parents would never have known or recognized a problem, or dealt with it in a healthy way, without the guidance and support of a place like New Beginnings.

Clients who are considering abortion are the ones who benefit the most from a pregnancy center. We serve, support, and love them. Pregnancy Resource Centers like New Beginnings are telling the truth to young women about abortion and its long-term, damaging emotional effects, known as Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. We sit with them and discuss the fact that they don’t have a blob of tissue growing inside them, but that they have a LIFE growing inside their wombs. God has placed this life there for a specific purpose.

This young mother learns that the baby’s heart starts beating at three weeks. This is often before she even realizes that she may be pregnant. She learns that her baby’s eye color and sex have already been determined. We explain abortion procedures in detail and can show her graphic pictures or movies to illustrate the truth of what abortion really is. Most people considering abortion are thinking of their own immediate problems. They don’t realize that they will never forget this baby whose life they ended. New Beginnings is dedicated to teaching the hard truth about abortion and in supporting mothers and fathers in the choice of carrying to term. About 92% of our abortion minded clients decide to carry their babies and participate in our program. Wow! Talk about amazing!

“Amazing things happen at New Beginnings!” 

Clients who have been sexually abused and have carried this heartbreak into their adult lives have the chance to work through our Sexual Integrity program with a counselor. This is a sensitive and long process, but when it is time for them to heal and see the changes in their lives…that is an amazing day!

Some of our clients come to New Beginnings and sit with our lay counselors and pray to receive Jesus as their Savior. It doesn’t get any better than that! We have more and more clients learning Bible Studies at the Center.

Please let your friends, family, and neighbors know we are here for them. We will soon also be on Facebook! Stay tuned.

~ Amy Plunkett, Director