Educational Programs

New Beginnings offers hundreds of free, personalized lesson plans to teens, women, men, couples, and families in a wide range of topics.

Most lesson plans are completed during your appointment at New Beginnings. Parenting Points can be earned for every in-house video watched, worksheet and homework completed, and every approved book chapter and magazine article read and reviewed.

We also encourage you to view and report on approved videos that you find in our Library. Mothers and fathers are encouraged to earn Parenting Points, which can be used to “purchase” baby items all the way from diapers, bibs, clothing and toys to strollers and cribs! We also have a selection of maternity clothes.

Our Educational Programs include Sexual Integrity for Young Teens, TOPS (Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services); EWYL (Earn While You Learn) for both mothers and fathers; Bible studies; Life Skills; and Special Circumstances.


Most teens are unaware of the many risks of premarital sex.  The side effects/unintended consequences negatively affect both girls and boys, but mostly girls. Females suffer far more from the possibility of long term physical damage. There are also emotional and spiritual consequences, as well as damage to one’s self esteem.

Any genital contact, including oral and anal sex, can result in a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), some of which cannot be cured. New Beginnings offers lessons in a large variety of topics, including but not limited to: Is Casual Sex worth the Risk? Condoms: At What Risk? Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, HIV-Aids, Peer Pressure, Sexual Roulette, Sex Was never meant to kill you, Silent Epidemic, STD’s and Pregnancy, Stop and Think, and much more.

TOPS – Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services.

TOPS is mostly geared to young women who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy. However, it is also available to teens and young adults who are mothers for the first time and who need information about pregnancy, labor and delivery, parenting, and more. The materials are also available to new fathers, too! Once a teen is pregnant…we need a healthy outcome. That is the purpose of the program. The material is fast paced and comprehensive and has a youthful vibe to it, so it is relatable to young parents. Another wonderful benefit about is that it can be learned alongside our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program.

TOPS – Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services – Nurturing Parent.

The Nurturing Parent program is available to any parent or soon-to-be-parent who wants to provide the best possible environment for their child.  The materials cover the important bond between parent and child, and support for the family’s values.  It emphasizes respectful discipline, teaching right from wrong, and healthy ways to express one’s emotions.  NP covers the Stages of Development, the best way to foster positive brain development, and school readiness.

EWYL – Earn While You Learn.

Here is a small sampling of the many educational topics that are available to both mothers and fathers:

The First Trimester  •  Prenatal Care  •  Nutrition  •  Going it Alone  •  Your Developing Baby  •  Your Changing Body  •  Smoking  •  Marijuana  •  What’s Safe, What Isn’t  •  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Drugs in Pregnancy  •  Unborn Addicts  •  Ultrasound – Window to the Womb  •  Bonding with your Unborn Baby  •  The Second Trimester  •  Your Unborn Baby’s Secret World  •  The Third Trimester  •  Interventions and Labor  •  What to Expect  •  Miscarriage: Footprints on our Heart  •  Getting Ready for Baby

Childhood Exposure to Marijuana – What You Should Know.  Marijuana DOES cause schizophrenia and triggers heart attacks, experts say in landmark study that slams most of the drug’s medical benefits as ‘unproven’.

Breast Feeding Basics  •  Goals/Benefits of Breastfeeding  •  The Basics of Newborn Care  •  Crying, Colic, and Sleep  •  Caring for Yourself  •  Understanding Your Baby’s Cry  •  Happiest Baby on the Block  •  Eye Contact means Love  •  Amazing Talents of Your Baby  •  Importance of Bonding  •  Pediatric Emergencies  •  Shaken Baby Syndrome  •  Newborn Milestones  •  Reducing the Risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)  •  Car Seat Safety  •  CPR Training  •  Childhood Immunizations  •  Food for Growth  •  Three to Six Month Milestones  •  Six to Nine Month Milestones  •  Twelve Month Milestones  •  Learning through Play  •  Domestic Violence  •  Preventing Child Sexual Abuse  •  15-18 Months: Mr. Independent  •  Terrible Twos  •  The First Years Last Forever  •  Safe and Healthy Environments  •  Discipline with Love  •  Toilet Training  •  Your Child’s Personality  •  What Type of Parent are You?  •  Testing and Manipulation  •  Have a New Kid by Friday  •  7 Tactics of Good Behavior  •  Strategies for Self Esteem  •  Boundaries for Kids and Parents  •  How to Really LOVE your Child  •  Power Struggles  •  Teaching the Bible  •  What’s a Parent to do? 6-9 year old  •  How to Work With Your Child’s Teacher  •  A Lasting Legacy  •  Overcoming Destroyers of Family

Practical Fatherhood: Real Time  •  Role Models  •  Respect for Mothers  •  The Dad Difference  •  Being a Leader  •  A Discipline Foundation

What is the Bible?  •  How Did we Get the Bible?  •  Israel Becomes a Nation  •  The Pentateuch  •  New Testament  •  A Journey Through John

Character Matters  •  Making the Commitment  •  Money Management  •  Time Management  •  Gearing up for the Job Search  •  Basics of Budgeting  •  Positive Credit  •  Saving for the Future  •  Insurance Needs  •  Surviving the Checkout  •  Menu Planning  •  Healthy Boundaries for Women  •  Healthy Boundaries for Men  •  Developing a close-knit Family

Looking at Adoption  •  Getting Started  •  Sorting out Why  •  Coming to Terms  •  A New Family  •  How to Say Goodbye  •  Picking up the Pieces.